Thrifted This Week | Lauren Conrad Dress

As usual, I recently found myself in my very favorite thrift store in Denton (Denton Thrift, for local friends!), but this time I wasn’t having a ton of luck. I bravely (stupidly) took both babies in the store with me, so the shopping & whining & dropping of toys & asking for milk & taking Rosie to the potty was making the trip less than ideal. I had pushed the babies to their limits, and was about to leave my cart in the middle of the store and call it quits, when the I caught the tiniest glimpse of a pattern I knew in my heart was for me. Β Β IMG_0705Β  I can’t say I thought. I just acted. This was a heart move. I’m unabashedly addicted to floral prints. I don’t want to be dramatic, but I think this one floated off the rack and into my hands. I checked the size, it was right. The price, $4.99… doable. The brand… Lauren Conrad. Score!Β Every time I go to Kohl’s I peruse the Lauren Conrad line, but have never purchased anything. I wanted this dress to work for me so badly. I knew we had a mini-getaway coming up soon, and having a new, pretty dress would just add to the excitement and fun of the weekend! I had no idea how the top of the dress looked, because it was sort of twisted around, but I was at the end of my babies’ patience, and if anything I thought I could probably use the fabric for some undetermined DIY project. So I took a risk, threw it over my arm and hurried to check out.

Best. Five. Dollars. Ever. Spent.

I got home and, of course, immediately tried to put it on. It seemed like it had never been worn. And I was right, because as I tried to untangle the straps, I realized why this dress had found itself at Denton Thrift: it was made incorrectly. In a way too difficult to explain without showing you, the back of the dress, where it ties at the neck, was sewn in backwards and the dress was un-wearable. Quick work with a seam ripper literally took less than 10 minutes, and the dress was good as new.

I felt so pretty and confident wearing it to my dear friend’s wedding, and I was having so much fun I forgot to take any pictures with Kip! He was looking pretty studly, if I do say so myself. But I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. πŸ˜‰ The next morning I threw the dress back on to go to breakfast and take some photos next to the water. Hence: morning face and leftover makeup from the night before. But who cares!? I was just loving being somewhere and not having diapers in my purse.

Sometimes, the best finds are sort of haphazard, impulsive, and imperfect at first glance. Don’t write them off… getting a little creative, or being patient until inspiration strikes, can really pay off in the long run.

Have you had any good thrift finds this week? I want to hear about it and celebrate with you!



Thrifted This Week

Okay, apparently since I’ve decided to keep up this “Thrifted This Week” thing, I have uncovered a serious addiction for thrift shopping. That also might be because of all the great thrift stores in Denton, and some of the best ones are within 5 minutes of our house. I’ve hardly been to Target in the last 2 months (maybe twice?) but I’ve been to the resale shops…. well, a lot more than that. I feel like that’s a healthier addiction. Maybe.

I found this cutest little rolling cart for $5.50. It’s in great shape, just need a few screws tightened, and I knew I could easily find a place for it. I considered putting it in our kitchen, since we are in desperate need of more counter space. But once I realized this little guy rolls so easily, I knew the temptation to push it all over the house would prove too great for Rosie & Sam. So, on the front porch it will sit as a cute little plant stand to welcome our guests.
This was obviously a good week for my front porch, because I also snagged this cute navy blue flower pot for $5. I kept looking for cute plants and pots at Walmart, but there were just too many options and they were all full price and I just couldn’t do it because I have issues. I was so excited to find this one, because I was really wanting some bolder color by the front door. It still needs a plant, and I am thinking a succulent is going to be my best hope of success. Fun fact: I’ve recently discovered a real-life love of working in the yard. I can spend hours working on it and it feels like 15 minutes. I’ve never had that kind of love for a hobby! I’m still a noob, so I think low-risk plants are going to be my jam for a while.

And, one more find. This isn’t a pretty thing by any means, but it was a fun $4 spent on a little motorcycle for Sam. Rosie has spent more time playing with it so far, but I imagine it won’t be long before Bubs realizes it’s his and kicks her off. πŸ˜‰

That’s my haul for the week! I probably need to cool it a bit on the shopping, haha, but I couldn’t wait to finish up my front porch decorating. What do you think?   Please disregard the terrible ugly cord hanging out under the table. It’s either gotta chill there or in the front flower bed until I decide if it’s safe to cut or not. πŸ˜‚

Have you found any good thrift scores lately? Tell me! I want to know!

Love, H.

Thrifted This Week

Okay, confession: I didn’t thrift this one this week. I found it a couple months ago, but I have yet to find a good way to wear it. I need HALP or it’s going to have to find a new owner.

What I love about it: the color! 😍 It’s a cobalt blue dream. But when I try it on, Kip says “That’s a lot of color.” 😳 haha, so maybe it’s a little too bold for me. Or maybe I just haven’t found the right top to wear with it! I don’t know! I need more input! I also love the elastic waist. It is super stretchy, so I can comfortably wear it high-waisted, or lower on my hips.

What I don’t love: the fabric. It’s a chiffon(y?) outer layer, which feels like it’s walking the line between cute and Granny-ish. And a little bit too… much. Like I said, maybe too bold. The other point against it (in my book) is the length. It’s not quite maxi length (I prefer them to cover my feet), and a little too long to fit how I would like a midi to fit. Basically it just can’t win, no matter how I wear it. I think I’d like to hem it, but don’t think I could hem chiffon on my own, and don’t want to pour too much money into a skirt I might still not wear. 😳

So, what would you do? Hem it to knee length, hold onto it until inspiration strikes, or find it a new home? Please tell me what to do so I don’t have to make decisions. 😁

Β Thrifted This WeekΒ 

I’m trying to learn a balance in my thrift vs. retail shopping ratios. I love to shop at resale shops, garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales, and basically anywhere I can search for goods in a pile of junk. The highlight of living in Plano was finding a Goodwill near an upscale neighborhood, where people donated their Anthropologie and Ann Taylor goods for no apparent reason. Haha. I came away from that store with so many good finds!

I’ve also found lots of home goods on the cheap. Hashtag: decorating on a budget. And most of that stuff I’ve kept around. BUT… My closet & dresser are also full of items I’ve thrifted & now they rarely see the light of day. The clothes I go to most often? I bought them new. Mostly from Target or Old Navy, since that’s about the top price point I reach before I start feeling queasy about spending so many dollars on a shirt.

Anyways. I just want to find a good balance between not paying more than I should for a new item vs. wasting money one I’ll never use vs. being willing to spend more on pieces that we will get more use out of. You know, that balance.

All that aside, I was actually totally thrilled with my thrifted finds this week! A spur the moment, quick run into Goodwill yielded a set of 3lb dumbbells and a mini donut pan. Yes, I see the irony. But I’ve always wanted to make homemade donuts (clean ones and not-so-healthy ones), and I was just looking at weights at Target last week! My total was $4 for all, including a plastic golf club Rosie scavenged from the toy aisle. Haha.

Happy finds for the week, AND my kids are napping for the second day in a row! What even is this day!? Thank you, Lord!

What do you prefer to thrift, and what are you willing to pay retail price for? PS- y’all like my unpainted toenails I accidentally got in the picture? Real life here, people. Hollaaa!

Love, H.