IKEA TUPPLER Blackout Roller Blind REVIEW | A Mom’s Perspective

This is a completely unsolicited review of our IKEA blackout shades. I just really love them and thought you might, too! ❤ 

It’s been a couple months since we moved into a cute little old house in our hometown, and I have to say: I’m still in love with it. Really. I would buy it if I could. I love the street it’s on, I love the part of town it’s in, I love the huge trees in the yard, I love the layout. (Did I say that I love it yet?) Sure, if it were ours I would change a few things, but for a rental, this is hands down my favorite place we’ve ever lived.

IKEA TUPPLER Block-out Roller Blind Review

What I don’t love, though? The transition for my kids. The move was so, so hard on them for the first 4-6 weeks, which resulted in terrible sleep patterns. Their room (that they share) is very different than they are used to. It’s smaller, it has wood floors (which means it’s echo-y and you can hear everyone’s footsteps), and it’s bright. The natural light is super fun for playtime, but not awesome for naps and summer bedtimes when the sun is still up. I was also feeling majorly paranoid about Samuel’s crib being next to two windows with long blind cords. Maaajor safety hazard! Even though I put the cord out of his reach, he can still easily touch the actual blinds. I just knew somehow he’d figure out a way to hurt himself. I’m learning boys are good at that.

Anyways, insert: the IKEA TUPPLUR Block-out roller blinds. I had my eye on them for a while, but we didn’t need them in their room at our old place, so I didn’t bother. Once I knew we were moving here, and that I would need to find light-blocking window treatments for two windows in one room, I knew I wanted the IKEA blackout shades. We’ve had them up for about 3 days, and so far, so good! They are not exactly what I expected, but all-in-all, I’m glad we bought them.

These are definitely affordable black out curtains, with prices starting at $14.99 per shade. Depending on the length you need, the price can vary. Ours were $20 each. The cool thing is, you can cut shades to whatever width you need for your window. You’ll need a saw to get through the pole, though – so be prepared!

As with any IKEA item, installation took a bit of time and marriage counseling. The blackout roller shade replaces mini-blinds, unlike light blocking curtains that just cover them. So, removing the old mini-blinds (in two windows), installing the hardware, cutting the IKEA shades to proper length, and installing them in the window frame took a little over an hour for Kip to do. He so sweetly did this in the middle of his day for me, but I don’t think either of us anticipated it taking that long. Oops. But! I love that I don’t worry about dangerous blind cords anymore. It’s a load off my mind, and just one more way my babies’ room is a safe place for them to play.

Ikea blackout shades review
IKEA TUPPLER blinds review
The Ikea blackout roller shades are effective at blocking light. One point for them! However, because the shade is installed inside the window frame, light comes in around it. Boo. I had hoped to simply hang these in the windows and have the room be totally dark, but that’s not the case. I realize now I should still hang some curtains to block the light that comes in through the edges of the window. Not a big deal, because I don’t anticipate needing expensive blackout curtain panels, just something cutesy to cover the edges of the window frame. And, like I said – no dangerous cords = all the points to IKEA!

Haha, and I’ll share this, in case it saves anyone else some time and frustration: I did try to buy the cheap ($12?) block out panel things at Walmart, thinking they were the same as the IKEA ones. Neeerrrrp. They roll down and cover the window, but they don’t roll back up when you want to see some sunshine. Zero points for Walmart. Skip those if you want the option to let some light in every once in a while. 🙂 Also, I just found this adorable idea to make these black out shades more personalized by adding fabric. Duh! So cute!  

So, heads up Moms! If you need black out shades, I would definitely recommend the IKEA TUPPLUR Block-Out Roller Blind. They are baby-safe, affordable, and super cute!