July Goals (Also, hey, I’m pregnant.)

I’m approaching my 18th week of pregnancy, which means I’m well out of the first trimester woods. Out of the three pregnancies I’ve experienced, this has been the hardest one yet. I was super sick from week 6 until about week 14. We survived on a lot of take-out, a lot of help from Nana, and a lot of Curious George & Octonauts.

I’m thankful to be feeling better, though my energy levels crash pretty easily. Before we got pregnant this time, I felt like I had finally found a good routine that kept our house running. The kids were hardly watching any TV, they were playing together well, and household chores had begun to find their assigned time during the day. And most days, I got everything done that I wanted to. I can’t lie, that felt pretty stinking great. I knew that being pregnant meant I was about to walk right back into the fog I felt like I had only recently walked out of, and I still know that it’s all worth it. Β I am just really missing that sense of accomplishment and peace that a routine brings!

random photo from Sam’s birthday, pre-baby 3. πŸ˜‰Β 

I don’t want to wish the year away, but I am already so ready for Winter for more than one reason. Mainly because I am due December 4th ;), but also because I miss the cold weather. I am not naturally a lover of summer (I’m trying really hard not to say “I hate Summer”, but there it is), but if I spend the next few months just waiting for them to be over, I know it’s going to draaaaag on. So, I want to try to take it a month at a time, trying to enjoy being pregnant and the opportunities that only Summer brings.

July Goals:
Buy the kids a kiddie pool and maybe a sprinkler πŸ™‚
Fix my front flower bed (It is seriously embarrassing at the moment.)
Make my back porch less crowded & more enjoyable
Visit the public pool! (I grew up swimming at the same pool, so I think it will be weird/cool/fun to take my own kids there!)
Figure out bedroom arrangements for Rosie + Sam + new baby!
Find out the gender of baby #3! Eeeeek!
Potty train Sam. Maybe.
Get a haircut
Take steps back to a normal routine, starting with running the dishwasher every night & unloading first thing in the AM