In Which Someone Else Speaks My Heart on Homeschooling

DSC_0418I have wanted to home school my kids for as long as I can remember. We have deeper reasons, but mostly, I just really want to. Some of our friends and family have sort of always assumed that we would home school, and some have given us surprised responses when the topic comes up. None have been negative, only mystified as to why we would want to do such a thing. When I came across the words of my internet-friend, Adelaide, I just had to ask her if I could share them.

A little background: I came across Adelaide’s baby sign account on Instagram, @notanexactscience, when my interest in American Sign Language was first beginning. I thought her videos were cute and the signs were fun to teach my kids, so I followed her. I eventually went to her blog, which is when I realized she kind of lives my literal dream. Well, one of them. 😉 She, her husband, and her two little boys spend their days traveling, exploring the world and learning languages as they go. Can’t. Even. Deal.

This is what Adelaide wrote alongside a photo of her son yesterday on her personal account:

“He could be in a classroom learning about the world and how it works… Or he could be discovering the world while using math, language, and science. Seeing geography. Enjoying history. But does that work? This has been on my mind terribly for months as we get closer to August.

We made our decision about whether to start him in Kindergarten in the fall or wait… Whether to do public school or interest based learning. I know I read too much Penelope Trunk, and you should too.

I can’t bare to send him to a public school that doesn’t teach logic. That teaches the kids what to think–not how to think. That claims to be free from religion when it’s impossible to be devoid of a belief system. That doesn’t prepare children adequately for the world and their responsibilities.

I looked at the learning objectives for Kindergarten. He went through those in three languages this last year by not learning them but learning things that are actually interesting. He’s also good on first and second grade US and World History and geography. My goal is to not help him meet those objectives (because it’s silly how they are laid out) but to be thriving in what he loves and is good at by the time he is twelve. Then it’s time for him to be responsible and take risks during that time he wants so much to be independent and take meaningful risks. Might as well do that while he builds something and prepares for his future while he is financially secure. I want to see his confidence grow as his contribution to the world grows. Which is the opposite of what happens in public school during these years.

Two weeks until we start intensive Spanish in Mexico, and he continues his studies. I’m really excited for this year but had to quit the Slanted Lens and consulting to make it happen. I think the focus gained will be worth the sacrifice. I hope that if these same things are on your mind, this obnoxiously long post gives you strength.”

Thank you for letting me share your words, Adelaide! They did strengthen and encourage me. Um also, please come to Dallas before you go to Mexico! 😉



In Which The Statons Have a Bad Week


This has not been our week.

Our fridge went out (which meant throwing away a lot of food), we purchased a brand new one but it couldn’t be delivered until 5 days later, I got sick with a cough & fever just as my Mom & Dad came into town to spend time with us, and Rosie’s left eye is currently swollen shut, from what looks like some sort of bug bite. Oh, and the starter in our car went out, so Kip is outside fixing that right now.

I mean, good grief, Charlie Brown.

I just read this Proverb last week, sort of on accident. It was written on a random note card somewhere, but it has stuck in my head all this week. “All the days of the afflicted are bad, But a cheerful heart has a continual feast.” -Proverbs 15:15

I think it’s about perspective, not circumstances.

Sometimes, when everything seems to be going wrong, we have to work hard to see the good. Sometimes, that might mean naming gifts, like Ann Voskamp, or writing down 10 things you love right now, like sweet Brittany.

Our troubles have not been major, and I am grateful for that, but they have seemed to come one on top of the other. Sometimes, I think we need to let go of our plans, or our ideal of how we think things are supposed to go, and just roll with the punches and see the graces for what they are in this season.

For me, graces have looked like this:
1. Finding a desk someone threw out, bringing it home, and turning it into a daddy-daughter project. (It looks so good, btw!)
2. Friends knowing we’re sick and temporarily car-less and bringing Chick-fil-a breakfast.
3. My own (thrifted and thoroughly cleaned) espresso maker which = iced americanos all the time.
4. Mom going to the store for us and bringing us a box of popsicles, which disappear on day 1.
5. A husband who works tirelessly with a good attitude, and helps me remember to laugh at the insanity.
6. A new fridge that actually fits where it is intended to in this house, haha. (Note above photo of Sam: baby changing table where fridge should fit!)
7. Finding out that Kroger is running a crazy good sale on fresh meat the day I go to restock our groceries.
8. Friends that actually pray when you ask them to.
9. Knowing that despite the terror, sin, and hurt in the world, I am confident of something better beyond.
10. The Lord who is an ever-present help in trouble.

“As long as thanks is possible, joy is always possible.”

How has your week been?

Friday Favorites

This past week has been a blast of sweet Summer memories. From our first baby-less getaway last weekend, to Fourth of July festivities, to a week of rest and finally watching Fixer Upper for the first time ever… I have been thinking a lot about what I love lately (maybe because I won this giveaway!?), and this is what I’ve come up with this week.

1. Time alone with my husband. Really. Nothing can beat just some solid alone time with Kip, talking about life and dreams and big ideas without interruption or schedule. Never again will I take this for granted, nor will we go so long neglecting to make that time happen.

2. Sweet baby smells. The combination of the smells of baby shampoo from last nights bath, strawberry face from this afternoon’s snack, and a cup of milk while he cuddles in my lap are almost too much for me, especially upon return home from 24 hours away. I kiss him all over his face and he giggles, and I do it over and over again because I know one day I won’t be able to anymore. I also know it will probably be a matter of minutes before that baby doesn’t smell so sweet anymore. Ha.

3. Gifts of Gospel metaphor in the every day life of mothering. More on those later.

4. Fixer Upper. Duh. We really only watch shows on Netflix, so I’m pretty much forever behind on every show ever made. My Mother-in-law loaned me her iPad with all of Season 1, and I couldn’t stop watching. I feel like I could just be friends with Joanna Gaines and I think their marriage seems really genuine and wonderful. I get that it’s TV, so everything always seems wonderful and perfect, but still.

5. This book by my hero, Elisabeth Elliot, about the life of her hero, Amy Carmichael. I’m reading this for the second time, and I still love it. Amy Carmichael’s story is beautiful, heartbreaking, and inspiring. She reminds me that what I build my life with will be tested by fire, and only the eternal will last. I highly recommend this book to any and everyone.

How was your week? What are your weekend plans? Make something wonderful happen. For me, that means a hastily planned garage sale. 😂 

Their Daddy.

Kip and I have been married just over three years. Our first two years of marriage welcomed these two babes, quickly growing us to a family of four. For the majority of the time I have known Kip, he has been a DaddyTo be honest, I can hardly remember what it was like to be “just the two of us.” But my memory is blessedly full of memories like this:

I mean, what better reflection of who your husband is, than the faces of your children when they look at him like this?! And I’m not being dramatic when I say that is how they always look at him.

And I look at him with hearts in my eyes when he does things like this: catching me up on washing the dishes (my least favorite, never-finished chore), with two little stickers from Rosie stuck to the back of his pants. Evidence of who he is: a servant-leader who takes care of his family in every way, but silly enough to be covered in stickers from toddlers all the time. Precious man.

christian mommy blog SAHM stay at home mom young family blogKip, I am grateful to know these babies of ours have you as their example of what makes a Man.
We love you to a million little pieces. You are irreplaceable.


Hello, Summer.

Our first month of living in Denton (again) could be summed up in one word: rain. Three words? SO MUCH RAIN. But, over the last couple weeks, the skies finally opened up and we got some glorious sunshine! Thanks to the soggy ground, our back yard is like a mosquito paradise, so our enjoyment of finally having a yard has moved to the front. Because this is a rent house, and apparently no one lived here for several months before we moved in, the yard could use some major TLC. The first thing I wanted to do was create a little play garden for them, so they could eat play in the dirt.

It was so fun to finally show my kids how to play outside. I mean, really. When I realized they had never seen a roly-poly and they didn’t know that you steer clear of ant beds (yeesh), I felt like I had failed them as their mother. Here babies, here’s how you put dirt in a bucket, and here’s how you dump it down your shirt…

Well, not Rosie. My girly little gardening helper does not like to be “buddy!?!” (muddy) at all.  Unlike her little brother… 

Sigh. I’m dreaming of a cute little place in the yard filled with colorful pots, flowers, and toys, where I can sit nearby and watch them explore. But that’s mostly for me, not them. They don’t care either way. For now, sitting in the dirt will suffice. 🙂

Sam was such a mess afterward, I impulsively decided to break out the kiddie pool and throw them in it. It was barely warm enough outside for it to be enjoyable… But once the real Texas heat hits, I foresee lots of time spent playing in the water. Um, myself included.

  I mean, seriously, they don’t even have swimsuits yet! But hey (Uncle Si voice), what’s the point of living in Texas if you can’t enjoy some redneckery every once in a while? 🙂 

Actually, I’ve got my eye on this suit for Rosie, and this one for Sam. It has been brought to my attention that I have a tendency to purchase patriotic swimsuits, and I am trying to break that cycle this year. 😉 These are the things I think about. You’re welcome.

Oh, to be Mama in the Summer. Swimming, popsicles, playing outside. It is the simplest joys in a little quiet life that overflow my cup. I can’t wait to make all the memories that Summer brings with my sweet littles and their even sweeter Daddy. How on Earth is this my life?! I am so humbled and thankful.

What else should we plan for this Summer? Somebody tell me! I want to do all the things!

Personal Update: We moved!

Y’all. We moved. We’re here. Whaaat.

The past few weeks have been a huge, HUGE transition for all of us. We moved from an apartment to a rent house (that I am in love with), back to the town where we met & got married. ❤ Kip made a big switch from working in an office to being self-employed, which means working from home. AND, the babies are having a hard time transitioning to their new room, which in their eyes is probably as big of a deal as Kip’s job move. Crazytown.

image (2)This is the only way I’ll be able to keep this much wood floor clean… put ’em to work. 😉

So far, we’ve been back to our church, where our babies did amazing (no tears!) in their Sunday school classes, I got to go to a movie with a girl friend on Mother’s Day evening (Age of Adaline = <3!), AND I ran into one of my longest friends at Target. These are the things I used to take for granted, that I love so much now. Little happenings and moments with beloved people in my life. Nothing dramatic or eventful, but really uplifting in the simplest way.

image (3)
Oh, and we got to hide in our hallway under a tornado warning. We’re all fine, and our area received minimal damage. But we all know how much I love storms!

Anyway, I just keep looking around this little house and thinking, “I can’t believe we get to live here.” It is by far our favorite place we’ve been given to call “Home.” We have a yard that I am hoping to work with, though I know exactly zero about gardening. Haha. Do you see that crazy amazing tree?! That’s in our yard! Ignore the weird fence. Haha. 🙂

image (1)

What’s up with y’all? What have I missed?

We’re Moving! …again!

No, not moving blogs this time! 😉 Haha. We’re moving into a house!  Actually, this will be our 5th time to movein our 3 years of marriage. Womp. We just REALLY love packing and unpacking all our junk over and over again(/building cardboard box forts with no pants on).


Out of all the moves we’ve made, this one is the most exciting for us, which makes the packing a little more bearable. 🙂 We’re moving to the place we both consider our true “hometown”, a quaint, but quickly growing town in North Texas. 🙂 After almost a year away, we’ve truly understood how irreplaceable a close-knit community is in our lives. We had this before we moved to our current apartment, about 45 minutes away, and the last ten months without our church and our friends has been, well, SUPER LAME, to say the least. 

We’re heading out to sign our lease today, and making the big move in about two weeks. 

So, all that to say:



Also, I just have to add, I am royally failing at my April Goals. I mean, really.  And to be honest, I feel disappointed and frustrated about it pretty much every day. Everyone says, “Oh, it’s okay! You have two babies!” And I know they’re right. I appreciate that grace in my life, but I also am ready to be beyond survival mode. Ya hear me? My babies are pretty much both toddlers now, and slowly but surely we are building the lifestyle and routine we want to have. Sigh. I need a Housewife/SAHM coach! Is that a thing? Are you that thing? If so, I need you! 

Anyways. There is the word vomit on my life as it currently stands! 

How are YOU??