The Good Things that Happened Today

Sometimes these days seriously get away from me. My only goal this morning was to get a package from my Etsy shop to the Post Office. It’s now 4:15 and that’s just not going to happen today. My first thought is to feel like a failure for my ONE goal of the day getting away from me, but I’m choosing to consider the good that happened today.

  1. Not having the correctly sized box led to an impromptu trip to my Mom & Dad’s new house to steal one of their boxes. On the drive, Rosie (4) asked me, “Mama, why do firefighters save people?” (No clue what prompted the question.) I told her “Because that is their job, because they are brave.” She responded that maybe when she grows up she will be a fire fighter. Sam (almost 3) chimed in that when he grows up he will be a big fire engine. So I guess that will work out nicely for them.
  2. The kids played a lot of “pretend” at Nana’s house. (AKA NO TV) They got out puzzles and I watched Sam, who is really into puzzles (and any type of problem solving) lately, put together a 1-10 numbers puzzle. Afterward, under Rosie’s leadership, they pretended each puzzle was a baking sheet of cookies. Under the couch was the oven, the sofa table behind it was the pantry. I was proud to see their little minds work. 🙂
  3. All that play led to an awesome nap. Which is partly why I won’t get the box to the post office on time… They are napping so long!
  4. I got to nurse and rock my baby in some peace and quiet while she napped. Today, I will continue to breastfeed. Part of me already wants to quit, and part of me can’t give it up yet. And all of me knows I will go until at least 6 months, and then probably 6 months more… 🙂 But, still. One day at a time.

Just writing for smiles and my own sake. I’m not good at journaling anymore, so this will do. ❤



2 thoughts on “The Good Things that Happened Today

  1. I love you and your kids. It’s still sinking in that they are *my* nieces and nephew now. So strange…but I love it. ❤


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