Why We Moved Again and Didn’t Tell Anyone

Hello people of 2016!

Remember that time  we moved back to our hometown and fell in love with our little house? Like, last May? Well, that didn’t last terribly long. We moved away from there mid-December, and we are currently staying with our parents until we can move into our new place.


Bye, House.

What Happened? 

In May of last year, Kip became self-employed so he could work from home and we could live in Denton, because we love Denton forever and ever amen. May also happened to be the beginning of 8 months of one trial/struggle/hurdle after another. While I still adore that house, the amount of things that happened to us while we lived there was almost ridiculous. I love the house, but am hoping to leave behind all the craziness with it!

Anyways, my parents recently moved home from Austria, and they have been secretly and slyly pulling us toward their small town in Northeast Texas since the day they moved back. One day, they finally sort of accidentally hooked us when my Mom half-jokingly sent Kip a link to a job opening in Smalltown, USA.

Kip thought he could pick them up as another contract he could work on from Denton, but when the interview went really well and we realized what a great opportunity it was, we decided it was the best decision for our family to move. The fact that a lot of my family lives here was also very helpful in making that decision. 🙂


Why Didn’t We Tell Anyone? 

Well, we did announce on Facebook that we’d be moving away from Denton, but we didn’t know exactly when. Breaking our lease on our sweet little house felt really complicated, and at some point one Monday we realized we needed to move out by that Saturday. It was right before Christmas, so we didn’t want to impose on anyone’s holiday plans. And truthfully, everything was so hectic, trying to pack EVERYTHING and move with two active toddlers… I just didn’t have time to tell more people than those we talk to on a regular basis. And I think even some of them were confused on our plans, because I wasn’t even certain what they were haha.

So What Now? 

Right now, we are staying at my (very gracious, loving, patient, wonderful, attractive) parents’ house while we wait for a rent house to open up. We’ve looked at several homes, but the best one we’ve found needs some work. It’s absolutely worth waiting on, so we are trying to be patient and not drive my Mom and Dad absolutely crazy with our little circus. I just told them that we’re trying to make up for all the time we missed with them while they were overseas. 😉  We’ve also had a ton of fun spending time with my sisters and their families. Rosie and Sam love their cousins, and it is so unreal to me that we live so close to them!

We are hoping to be settling into our own place in a couple weeks. In the meantime, I am praying for patience and meditating on Hebrews 10 and 11, remembering that God has prepared a city for us; the home we long for cannot be shaken. Our true home.

In addition to prayer, I am looking for plenty of distractions to pass the time the next couple of weeks and not think about the new house too much, or impatience starts creeping up on me. The Fixer Upper marathon last night helped that a little. 🙂 I’m also searching for fun blog prompts, new Trim Healthy Mama recipes, and reading #HopeUnfolding, by Becky Thompson.

So, that’s where we are. And for the sake of distraction, my voice here may pick up once again. 🙂 I have missed this little space!




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