The Need for Resolve


None of us go into life, into the world, wanting to fail at whatever we try to do.

Whoever we are, whether we are mothers, college students, business women, homemakers, single women, or wives, we all want to succeed.

We all sort of joke about how we once had a pipe-dream that has now pretty much fallen flat, right? We want the gorgeous Pinterest-worthy party but we settle for Kroger cupcakes and streamers.

We had a fantastic business idea, but someone expressed disapproval and we gave up.

We want to be a sweet, gentle, patient mothers, but we’re tired, so we snap at our kids to get quick obedience.

We want to see people know Jesus, but we shy away from the Gospel conversation because it feels awkward.

What is it we lack? If we once wanted something so badly, why didn’t it happen? I have found myself thinking about this often lately, and I have realized that when there is a particular goal I wanted to reach, and I came up empty, it was because I lacked one thing: resolve. 

Resolve: to decide firmly on a course of action.  

Whether the goal is something personal, like losing unhealthy weight, building a savings account, or passing a college class… or bigger than ourselves, like seeing the end of the abortion industry, having a healthy marriage, or entering the mission field, a flighty feeling won’t be enough of a foundation to launch us into action.

You’ve got to be convinced, deep within your soul, that the stand your taking or the end you’re striving for is worth the hardship, the exhaustion, the effort, the potential rejection. It’s even got to be worth the tedious, the mundane, the inconvenience, the discomfort, and the awkwardness. Whatever it is, we must value the end goal enough to walk the road it takes to get there. 

And to be honest, we may find that the effort isn’t worth it in some cases, i.e., the Pinterest-perfect 2 year old birthday party. It takes wisdom to decide what is worth our energy (those types of things come easier to some than to others) so that we can spend ourselves on what matters most to us.

My current resolve? To intentionally seek contentment in my season of life, while actively working to create a restful home for my family & myself, and pursuing the renewing of my mind through scripture and secular education.

I started taking a college class this Fall, Intro to American Sign Language. The school is about an hour away (neither of the two universities nor the community college in my town offer this program… go figure), and every time I make that long, construction-riddled drive, I find that I have to remind myself why this is worth it. To be able to connect with another person in their language, to be able to bridge an otherwise insurmountable gap, and to be able to fluently teach my children to do the same… that is why I’m doing this. The time will pass anyway. What will I have to show for it?

Where do you need some resolve? I’m cheering for you!


One thought on “The Need for Resolve

  1. “The time will pass anyway. What will I have to show for it?”
    I love this line. I may make it my life motto!
    You are so right, Hannah. Nothing is finished without resolve. I am the world’s biggest example of that. 🙂 But I’m trying to change that. Enjoying walking a similar path with you, albeit different seasons. Love your heart, lady!


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