Why Mamas Have to Live Intentionally | Walking in Integrity

This little girl. She’s repeating my words. She’s using my tone. The way she says, “Yeahhh…” or, “Thanks!”, or “Oh deearrr” make us laugh every time, because she just sounds so grown up. She’s mimicking my actions. She cuddles her baby, lays her on the table and says “baby stinks?” and pretends to change a diaper. She gently lays the doll on a pillow and lies down with her, gives her a kiss and says, “Nigh-night baby.”

And basically, all this terrifies me. Those little eyes are watching me, that little heart is taking in every action, planting seeds that will grow into her soul for the rest of her life. Can I live up to this commission?

“The righteous who walks in his integrity— blessed are his children after him!” -Proverbs 20:7

Moms, the way we live our days matters. We’ve each been given a noble post, a humble one: to live our lives faithfully and intentionally in front of little people, especially in the little things, for a handful of reasons:

1. More is caught than taught. Our babies will learn more by simply being around us than they will in the one-on-one “big lesson” moments.

2. If we live life faithfully, not only will our children learn to live the same way by our example, but what we leave behind for them when we’re gone will be a gift, not a burden. Excellent stewardship of finances, possessions, knowledge, skills, and community will outlive us – let it be a blessing to them.

3. When we walk in integrity, our lives ought to always point to the Cross, which is where we pray our Mothering leads them one day. Walking in integrity doesn’t mean being perfect, having all the answers, or pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps. It means that we walk with the Truth as our constant companion – the Truth that Christ is our Righteousness.

christian mommy blogLord, your gift to me, at the greatest cost to you, is righteousness imparted to me – I have none on my own. Let me abide in you, that I may walk in integrity, for “apart from you [I] can do nothing.” Let the love you have for me be my rest, from which I find the strength to carry out the tasks you have for me to do in order to create this home. Father, every little action, even laundry, has eternal significance, when little eyes are watching. 


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