In Which Someone Else Speaks My Heart on Homeschooling

DSC_0418I have wanted to home school my kids for as long as I can remember. We have deeper reasons, but mostly, I just really want to. Some of our friends and family have sort of always assumed that we would home school, and some have given us surprised responses when the topic comes up. None have been negative, only mystified as to why we would want to do such a thing. When I came across the words of my internet-friend, Adelaide, I just had to ask her if I could share them.

A little background: I came across Adelaide’s baby sign account on Instagram, @notanexactscience, when my interest in American Sign Language was first beginning. I thought her videos were cute and the signs were fun to teach my kids, so I followed her. I eventually went to her blog, which is when I realized she kind of lives my literal dream. Well, one of them. 😉 She, her husband, and her two little boys spend their days traveling, exploring the world and learning languages as they go. Can’t. Even. Deal.

This is what Adelaide wrote alongside a photo of her son yesterday on her personal account:

“He could be in a classroom learning about the world and how it works… Or he could be discovering the world while using math, language, and science. Seeing geography. Enjoying history. But does that work? This has been on my mind terribly for months as we get closer to August.

We made our decision about whether to start him in Kindergarten in the fall or wait… Whether to do public school or interest based learning. I know I read too much Penelope Trunk, and you should too.

I can’t bare to send him to a public school that doesn’t teach logic. That teaches the kids what to think–not how to think. That claims to be free from religion when it’s impossible to be devoid of a belief system. That doesn’t prepare children adequately for the world and their responsibilities.

I looked at the learning objectives for Kindergarten. He went through those in three languages this last year by not learning them but learning things that are actually interesting. He’s also good on first and second grade US and World History and geography. My goal is to not help him meet those objectives (because it’s silly how they are laid out) but to be thriving in what he loves and is good at by the time he is twelve. Then it’s time for him to be responsible and take risks during that time he wants so much to be independent and take meaningful risks. Might as well do that while he builds something and prepares for his future while he is financially secure. I want to see his confidence grow as his contribution to the world grows. Which is the opposite of what happens in public school during these years.

Two weeks until we start intensive Spanish in Mexico, and he continues his studies. I’m really excited for this year but had to quit the Slanted Lens and consulting to make it happen. I think the focus gained will be worth the sacrifice. I hope that if these same things are on your mind, this obnoxiously long post gives you strength.”

Thank you for letting me share your words, Adelaide! They did strengthen and encourage me. Um also, please come to Dallas before you go to Mexico! 😉



3 thoughts on “In Which Someone Else Speaks My Heart on Homeschooling

  1. Hannah! Let’s hang out next Friday in Dallas. Our family will fly out of Dallas on Saturday morning. Are you free? And I am so happy this helped you. We should talk more about it! I want to know more about what your plans are!


  2. “That claims to be free from religion when it’s impossible to be devoid of a belief system.” This is very true and she said it wonderfully. Great post! I also look forward to homeschooling our children one day.


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