In Which The Statons Have a Bad Week


This has not been our week.

Our fridge went out (which meant throwing away a lot of food), we purchased a brand new one but it couldn’t be delivered until 5 days later, I got sick with a cough & fever just as my Mom & Dad came into town to spend time with us, and Rosie’s left eye is currently swollen shut, from what looks like some sort of bug bite. Oh, and the starter in our car went out, so Kip is outside fixing that right now.

I mean, good grief, Charlie Brown.

I just read this Proverb last week, sort of on accident. It was written on a random note card somewhere, but it has stuck in my head all this week. “All the days of the afflicted are bad, But a cheerful heart has a continual feast.” -Proverbs 15:15

I think it’s about perspective, not circumstances.

Sometimes, when everything seems to be going wrong, we have to work hard to see the good. Sometimes, that might mean naming gifts, like Ann Voskamp, or writing down 10 things you love right now, like sweet Brittany.

Our troubles have not been major, and I am grateful for that, but they have seemed to come one on top of the other. Sometimes, I think we need to let go of our plans, or our ideal of how we think things are supposed to go, and just roll with the punches and see the graces for what they are in this season.

For me, graces have looked like this:
1. Finding a desk someone threw out, bringing it home, and turning it into a daddy-daughter project. (It looks so good, btw!)
2. Friends knowing we’re sick and temporarily car-less and bringing Chick-fil-a breakfast.
3. My own (thrifted and thoroughly cleaned) espresso maker which = iced americanos all the time.
4. Mom going to the store for us and bringing us a box of popsicles, which disappear on day 1.
5. A husband who works tirelessly with a good attitude, and helps me remember to laugh at the insanity.
6. A new fridge that actually fits where it is intended to in this house, haha. (Note above photo of Sam: baby changing table where fridge should fit!)
7. Finding out that Kroger is running a crazy good sale on fresh meat the day I go to restock our groceries.
8. Friends that actually pray when you ask them to.
9. Knowing that despite the terror, sin, and hurt in the world, I am confident of something better beyond.
10. The Lord who is an ever-present help in trouble.

“As long as thanks is possible, joy is always possible.”

How has your week been?


4 thoughts on “In Which The Statons Have a Bad Week

  1. I’m sincerely touched by the attitude you had during your really bad week. I really needed to read this. I could be more grateful instead of so hard on myself right now. Thanks! 😘😘😘


  2. “As long as thanks is possible, joy is always possible.” — Love that! Sorry you had such a yucky week (does that run in the family, too?? 😉 ), but I love the way you chose to refocus. Hope everyone is feeling much better! And if we lived closer, I would have brought you food, too. 🙂


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