Our Weekend Getaway | Lake Conroe

Last weekend, Kip and I took our first ever over-night trip to see a sweet friend of mine get married. My wonderful (amazing, giving, generous, loving, beautiful) Mother-in-law (#browniepoints) came to spend the night with Rose & Sam, and they did so great! We enjoyed being able to talk uninterrupted on our drive down to the Houston area, but when it would get quiet I would turn around, expecting to see sleeping toddlers in the back seat. I was a little disappointed not to see them, but our time as just “us” was so, so refreshing. I am grateful for it.

  My friend Allie was a flawless bride (no surprise there), and the wedding was precious. I can recall conversations she & I used to have about our future husbands back to when we were 12 years old, up until the Summer before I met Kip. In middle school she and I used to dress alike because we enjoyed people asking if we were twins, and once we had a wedding for our dogs. I don’t even want to talk about that last one. Oh, and Allie caught the bouquet at my wedding! All that to say, I was not going to miss this day! PS – Congratulations Allie & Zach! We are so happy for y’all!

IMG_0692 IMG_0663

We spent that night in a little hotel, and the next morning… wait for it… we slept until we woke up. No alarms. No babies. Nothing. Can you believe it? It was an amazing gift of rest. We had slept through the hotel breakfast, so we found ourselves at Starbucks near the lake. After flirting with the idea of renting paddle boards, we opted to just take our drive home through the Sam Houston National Forrest. We found a trail head and decided to park and hike a little way. We chased horizon until we realized that there was nothing over it except, well, more horizon. Texas, why you gotta be so flat?! Oh well. It was still fun to do something out of the ordinary, and now I think we both want to make that kind of adventure part of our lives more often.

IMG_0687 IMG_0681 IMG_0697As happy as I was to get that rest, that alone time with my husband, and that little window of freedom to do what we wanted on a whim, I truly missed Rose and Sam. I was constantly checking in on them, not because I was worried, but because I couldn’t help wondering what they were doing without me. I love those little stinkers to pieces.

Next time: Lake Travis near Austin. Jacob’s Well, anyone? Where would you go if you had 24 hours to get away?



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