Thrifted This Week

Okay, apparently since I’ve decided to keep up this “Thrifted This Week” thing, I have uncovered a serious addiction for thrift shopping. That also might be because of all the great thrift stores in Denton, and some of the best ones are within 5 minutes of our house. I’ve hardly been to Target in the last 2 months (maybe twice?) but I’ve been to the resale shops…. well, a lot more than that. I feel like that’s a healthier addiction. Maybe.

I found this cutest little rolling cart for $5.50. It’s in great shape, just need a few screws tightened, and I knew I could easily find a place for it. I considered putting it in our kitchen, since we are in desperate need of more counter space. But once I realized this little guy rolls so easily, I knew the temptation to push it all over the house would prove too great for Rosie & Sam. So, on the front porch it will sit as a cute little plant stand to welcome our guests.
This was obviously a good week for my front porch, because I also snagged this cute navy blue flower pot for $5. I kept looking for cute plants and pots at Walmart, but there were just too many options and they were all full price and I just couldn’t do it because I have issues. I was so excited to find this one, because I was really wanting some bolder color by the front door. It still needs a plant, and I am thinking a succulent is going to be my best hope of success. Fun fact: I’ve recently discovered a real-life love of working in the yard. I can spend hours working on it and it feels like 15 minutes. I’ve never had that kind of love for a hobby! I’m still a noob, so I think low-risk plants are going to be my jam for a while.

And, one more find. This isn’t a pretty thing by any means, but it was a fun $4 spent on a little motorcycle for Sam. Rosie has spent more time playing with it so far, but I imagine it won’t be long before Bubs realizes it’s his and kicks her off. πŸ˜‰

That’s my haul for the week! I probably need to cool it a bit on the shopping, haha, but I couldn’t wait to finish up my front porch decorating. What do you think?   Please disregard the terrible ugly cord hanging out under the table. It’s either gotta chill there or in the front flower bed until I decide if it’s safe to cut or not. πŸ˜‚

Have you found any good thrift scores lately? Tell me! I want to know!

Love, H.


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