Their Daddy.

Kip and I have been married just over three years. Our first two years of marriage welcomed these two babes, quickly growing us to a family of four. For the majority of the time I have known Kip, he has been a DaddyTo be honest, I can hardly remember what it was like to be “just the two of us.” But my memory is blessedly full of memories like this:

I mean, what better reflection of who your husband is, than the faces of your children when they look at him like this?! And I’m not being dramatic when I say that is how they always look at him.

And I look at him with hearts in my eyes when he does things like this: catching me up on washing the dishes (my least favorite, never-finished chore), with two little stickers from Rosie stuck to the back of his pants. Evidence of who he is: a servant-leader who takes care of his family in every way, but silly enough to be covered in stickers from toddlers all the time. Precious man.

christian mommy blog SAHM stay at home mom young family blogKip, I am grateful to know these babies of ours have you as their example of what makes a Man.
We love you to a million little pieces. You are irreplaceable.



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