Thrifted This Week

Okay, confession: I didn’t thrift this one this week. I found it a couple months ago, but I have yet to find a good way to wear it. I need HALP or it’s going to have to find a new owner.

What I love about it: the color! 😍 It’s a cobalt blue dream. But when I try it on, Kip says “That’s a lot of color.” 😳 haha, so maybe it’s a little too bold for me. Or maybe I just haven’t found the right top to wear with it! I don’t know! I need more input! I also love the elastic waist. It is super stretchy, so I can comfortably wear it high-waisted, or lower on my hips.

What I don’t love: the fabric. It’s a chiffon(y?) outer layer, which feels like it’s walking the line between cute and Granny-ish. And a little bit too… much. Like I said, maybe too bold. The other point against it (in my book) is the length. It’s not quite maxi length (I prefer them to cover my feet), and a little too long to fit how I would like a midi to fit. Basically it just can’t win, no matter how I wear it. I think I’d like to hem it, but don’t think I could hem chiffon on my own, and don’t want to pour too much money into a skirt I might still not wear. 😳

So, what would you do? Hem it to knee length, hold onto it until inspiration strikes, or find it a new home? Please tell me what to do so I don’t have to make decisions. 😁


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