Hello, Summer.

Our first month of living in Denton (again) could be summed up in one word: rain. Three words? SO MUCH RAIN. But, over the last couple weeks, the skies finally opened up and we got some glorious sunshine! Thanks to the soggy ground, our back yard is like a mosquito paradise, so our enjoyment of finally having a yard has moved to the front. Because this is a rent house, and apparently no one lived here for several months before we moved in, the yard could use some major TLC. The first thing I wanted to do was create a little play garden for them, so they could eat play in the dirt.

It was so fun to finally show my kids how to play outside. I mean, really. When I realized they had never seen a roly-poly and they didn’t know that you steer clear of ant beds (yeesh), I felt like I had failed them as their mother. Here babies, here’s how you put dirt in a bucket, and here’s how you dump it down your shirt…

Well, not Rosie. My girly little gardening helper does not like to be “buddy!?!” (muddy) at all.  Unlike her little brother… 

Sigh. I’m dreaming of a cute little place in the yard filled with colorful pots, flowers, and toys, where I can sit nearby and watch them explore. But that’s mostly for me, not them. They don’t care either way. For now, sitting in the dirt will suffice. 🙂

Sam was such a mess afterward, I impulsively decided to break out the kiddie pool and throw them in it. It was barely warm enough outside for it to be enjoyable… But once the real Texas heat hits, I foresee lots of time spent playing in the water. Um, myself included.

  I mean, seriously, they don’t even have swimsuits yet! But hey (Uncle Si voice), what’s the point of living in Texas if you can’t enjoy some redneckery every once in a while? 🙂 

Actually, I’ve got my eye on this suit for Rosie, and this one for Sam. It has been brought to my attention that I have a tendency to purchase patriotic swimsuits, and I am trying to break that cycle this year. 😉 These are the things I think about. You’re welcome.

Oh, to be Mama in the Summer. Swimming, popsicles, playing outside. It is the simplest joys in a little quiet life that overflow my cup. I can’t wait to make all the memories that Summer brings with my sweet littles and their even sweeter Daddy. How on Earth is this my life?! I am so humbled and thankful.

What else should we plan for this Summer? Somebody tell me! I want to do all the things!


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