Thrifted This Week 

I’m trying to learn a balance in my thrift vs. retail shopping ratios. I love to shop at resale shops, garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales, and basically anywhere I can search for goods in a pile of junk. The highlight of living in Plano was finding a Goodwill near an upscale neighborhood, where people donated their Anthropologie and Ann Taylor goods for no apparent reason. Haha. I came away from that store with so many good finds!

I’ve also found lots of home goods on the cheap. Hashtag: decorating on a budget. And most of that stuff I’ve kept around. BUT… My closet & dresser are also full of items I’ve thrifted & now they rarely see the light of day. The clothes I go to most often? I bought them new. Mostly from Target or Old Navy, since that’s about the top price point I reach before I start feeling queasy about spending so many dollars on a shirt.

Anyways. I just want to find a good balance between not paying more than I should for a new item vs. wasting money one I’ll never use vs. being willing to spend more on pieces that we will get more use out of. You know, that balance.

All that aside, I was actually totally thrilled with my thrifted finds this week! A spur the moment, quick run into Goodwill yielded a set of 3lb dumbbells and a mini donut pan. Yes, I see the irony. But I’ve always wanted to make homemade donuts (clean ones and not-so-healthy ones), and I was just looking at weights at Target last week! My total was $4 for all, including a plastic golf club Rosie scavenged from the toy aisle. Haha.

Happy finds for the week, AND my kids are napping for the second day in a row! What even is this day!? Thank you, Lord!

What do you prefer to thrift, and what are you willing to pay retail price for? PS- y’all like my unpainted toenails I accidentally got in the picture? Real life here, people. Hollaaa!

Love, H.


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