Personal Update: We moved!

Y’all. We moved. We’re here. Whaaat.

The past few weeks have been a huge, HUGE transition for all of us. We moved from an apartment to a rent house (that I am in love with), back to the town where we met & got married. ❤ Kip made a big switch from working in an office to being self-employed, which means working from home. AND, the babies are having a hard time transitioning to their new room, which in their eyes is probably as big of a deal as Kip’s job move. Crazytown.

image (2)This is the only way I’ll be able to keep this much wood floor clean… put ’em to work. 😉

So far, we’ve been back to our church, where our babies did amazing (no tears!) in their Sunday school classes, I got to go to a movie with a girl friend on Mother’s Day evening (Age of Adaline = <3!), AND I ran into one of my longest friends at Target. These are the things I used to take for granted, that I love so much now. Little happenings and moments with beloved people in my life. Nothing dramatic or eventful, but really uplifting in the simplest way.

image (3)
Oh, and we got to hide in our hallway under a tornado warning. We’re all fine, and our area received minimal damage. But we all know how much I love storms!

Anyway, I just keep looking around this little house and thinking, “I can’t believe we get to live here.” It is by far our favorite place we’ve been given to call “Home.” We have a yard that I am hoping to work with, though I know exactly zero about gardening. Haha. Do you see that crazy amazing tree?! That’s in our yard! Ignore the weird fence. Haha. 🙂

image (1)

What’s up with y’all? What have I missed?


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