We’re Moving! …again!

No, not moving blogs this time! πŸ˜‰ Haha. We’re moving into a house!  Actually, this will be our 5th time to movein our 3 years of marriage. Womp. We just REALLY love packing and unpacking all our junk over and over again(/building cardboard box forts with no pants on).


Out of all the moves we’ve made, this one is the most exciting for us, which makes the packing a little more bearable. πŸ™‚ We’re moving to the place we both consider our true “hometown”, a quaint, but quickly growing town in North Texas. πŸ™‚ After almost a year away, we’ve truly understood how irreplaceable a close-knit community is in our lives. We had this before we moved to our current apartment, about 45 minutes away, and the last ten months without our church and our friends has been, well, SUPER LAME, to say the least. 

We’re heading out to sign our lease today, and making the big move in about two weeks. 

So, all that to say:



Also, I just have to add, I am royally failing at my April Goals. I mean, really.  And to be honest, I feel disappointed and frustrated about it pretty much every day. Everyone says, “Oh, it’s okay! You have two babies!” And I know they’re right. I appreciate that grace in my life, but I also am ready to be beyond survival mode. Ya hear me? My babies are pretty much both toddlers now, and slowly but surely we are building the lifestyle and routine we want to have. Sigh. I need a Housewife/SAHM coach! Is that a thing? Are you that thing? If so, I need you! 

Anyways. There is the word vomit on my life as it currently stands! 

How are YOU?? 


3 thoughts on “We’re Moving! …again!

  1. Congrats on your move! I can relate to your Mama troubles. Routines, schedules, and to do lists sometimes just go out the window (for me this is most days). You’re not alone, girl.

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  2. That’s awesome I am praying we move back to Texas too. I miss my friends and having a church family, since being here I haven’t had either. As for actually getting everything accomplished you set out to do its not easy with a toddler and you have two, like Brandi said list go out of the window. Today I am just happy I cleaned the house as for dinner…we just may be ordering out tonight.


  3. You’re coming home!!!!!!!! And I can’t wait. I miss my THM coach/encourager, toddler mom idea bouncer, sister in the Lord, friend! Glad you get to have community again. Don’t hate these past 10 months too much! Bloom where you’re planted, right? I think you did well. Excited for an in-person friend date!!! 😘


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