Yep, A New Blog.

Heeeeeey… (guilty face)

I moved! If you’re reading here because you have followed our story from the As Rosebud Blooms Blog, I am so thankful you are here! If you are reading here because you are a kind friend, or a loving family member, I am happy you are checking in on us too. 🙂

staton family

Here’s a recent family photo to make up for my insane blog inconsistency 🙂

I get that changing your blog every 2 years is terrible for SEO and followers and other blog terms, but I just had to do it. I started writing at As Rosebud Blooms blog to document our stories as Rosie grew up. But it’s not just Rosie anymore, is it? 🙂

Real Small Life came from a part of my heart that is learning the vast value in the smallest moments, people, gifts, perspectives and attitudes. I have often been driven by my selfish desire to appear cooler, bigger, better, more than I am, which is dishonest and exhausting. Keeping the words, “real” and “small” at the forefront remind me who I really am in light of Christ, and hopefully truthfully portray the stories of our life and my personal sanctification.

“…aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands…”

I love my life. By the world’s standards, it’s small. Tiny apartment, little children, no monetary income from my end. But I get to work with my hands, spending my days with my favorite people on Earth, teaching them and creating the home they’ll always remember. I am grateful and humbled at even the thought of receiving this gift. So, you know, maybe small is good



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