Ring Sling Review

Are you looking for an affordable, easy, comfortable baby carrier? Does it seem impossible to know what kind to get? Look no further than a ring sling from Bibetts. 

affordable ring sling

I am a huge, HUGE fan of baby-wearing. It’s a great way to keep baby close when you’re out. When they’re snuggled so well  to your body, people are less likely to stick their fingers in your baby’s mouth. Ya feel me? I also wear my babies when I really need to get something done around the house, but they absolutely refuse to be put down.

I’ve used the Ergo Performance carrier, my FAVE for back-carry, and the Moby, perfect for snuggling at home or pleasant walks with sweet tiny newborns. But what I really wanted to add to my options was an easy hip carry without a bunch of buckles or Moby-tails dragging the ground in the parking lot of the grocery store. Ew. I have long admired photos of beautiful ring-slings online, and I knew with Samuel I just had to have one. I looked at a ton of options, but I was really looking for three characteristics in a sling:

affordable ring sling

1.) Comfort- It had to be a comfortable ring sling for both baby and I, AND breathable. Texas Summer, anybody? My babies are hot-natured like me, so minimal sweaty-ness is key.

2.) Ease- I didn’t want to have to spend 20 minutes wrapping myself up or reaching buckles if I needed it in a hurry.

3.) Cuteness- duh. It had to be cute. An Ergo kind of bunches up a dress for a special occasion, and a Moby kind of hides everything! I wanted something that felt part of my outfit.

Oh, and the kicker? I needed an affordable baby carrier. Yikes. 

breathable ring sling

Dual wielding babes when Samuel was just a couple weeks old. 🙂

Well, who says you can’t have it all? I started Etsy-hunting, and what I found was just marvelous. Bibetts has so many color options… I could hardly choose! I emailed the sweet shop owner and she generously sent me a ring sling to try out and share with y’all. I love it so much, I definitely plan to buy more. It met all three of my requirements. It doesn’t make Sam too hot and sweaty, I can easily get him in and out of it whenever I need to, AND! It’s beautiful. Samuel has the deepest blue eyes, and this sling really brings them out. 🙂 Plus, I love that I can just stuff it in my diaper bag and it doesn’t take up too much room. And for such a great quality, made-with-love item, you cannot beat the price. For serious.

We’re still in tummy-to-tummy stage right now, but I imagine in a few more weeks Sam-I-Am will have better head control and will be riding a hip-carry like a champ. `

Do you wear your babe? What’s your favorite carrier? Let me know if you decide to get a Bibbets sling! 🙂



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