My Daddy.


Somehow I managed to get myself out of bed and ready for church by 7 this morning. Everyone is still asleep, and my glass of iced coffee and I are sitting here thinking about the fact that it’s Father’s Day. You know that cute little saying floating around that says, “The only thing better than having you as my Dad, is my kids having you as their Grandpa”? Well, I think that’s true. I am very thankful that my Daddy is my babies’ Pa.

My Dad has, of course, taught me so much as I’ve grown up. Since I grew up the very very youngest of all my siblings, I was the only child at home, and Dad was often my playmate. He built me the cooooolest playhouse a kid could ever want, brought home surprise kittens and porcelain dolls, and never hesitated to spend some time with a bat and ball in the driveway with me. I specifically remember always wanting to bat instead of pitch, because if he had a chance to hit the ball it usually came flying back at me. I also specifically remember a whiffel-ball shaped print on my face after one such occasion. Dad laughed.

Aside from these memories, I also have gleaned deeper lessons from my Daddy. Often girls and their Dad’s don’t understand what world the other lives on, and that was true for us- I may not have liked learning the lesson at the time, but now, as a married woman and Mama, I appreciate what he taught me. Here are three of the biggies:

1. You can’t have an adult conversation if you’re going to cry. Ugh I hated when he told me this. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I wanted to fall into a dramatic, tearful heap on the floor about something, he often wouldn’t let me. Not in a dominating, mean way. Butย he would patiently wait for me to calm down, always encouraging me to keep my head. As a girl who is tempted to act on emotion when I shouldn’t, my Dad’s gentle help in thinking things through is something that was necessary to instill in me. Thank you, Daddy.

2. “If you aren’t trusting God, then what are you doing?!” This stuck with me ever since he said it when I was talking to my parents about college. If I don’tย have toย trust God in something, then is it worth doing? And if it is worth doing and I’m not trusting God with it…ย why the heck not?

3. Christ is always more important. Dad has taught me this lesson simply by his actions. He has been hugely changed by Christ, and he’ll be the first one to tell you that. God has worked through my Dad so much, that Daddy is now addicted to seeing God change others as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ “More is caught than taught” in parenting, and what I’ve “caught” from just watching my Dad (and Mama), is that Christ is Ultimate. He is the only life worth living. That fact has sent my parents to live in a foreign country, where others refer to them as their “parents.” ๐Ÿ™‚ (But really we all know who the favorite is back at home. ;))


Happy Fathers Day, Dad. I’m thankful for Christ in you and for a day to remind me to tell you that. Thank you for being my Daddy, my buddy, and the ultimate-bigger-bug-slayer. โค
Love, Hannah


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