Trim Healthy Mama During Pregnancy [Update]

trim healthy mama during pregnancySince I shared my Trim Healthy Mama review several months ago, I’ve jumped on and off the THM-train several times.

I will be honest; it takes a while to fully comprehend everything the book explains about how a woman’s hormones work, how different foods effect our blood sugar levels, and how separating healthy fats (“Satisfying” or “S” Meals) and healthy carbs (“Energizing” or “E” meals) can help us achieve healthy weight loss, gain, or maintenance. It took putting the principles into practice to finally wrap my head around a new way of eating.

[If you just got this book and are feeling confused: just keep trying! It eventually all makes sense, and messing up while trying is waaaay better than just chunking the book in the fireplace and reaching for that pint of Blue Bell.]

Well, back before we lost both our computers (RIP) in the same week, I promised an open, honest look into how THM would effect my pregnancy. So, here ya go!

When our computers crashed, so did my copy of THM. I have the e-Book version, which is very helpful for searching for recipes or page numbers when I know exactly what I’m looking for, but not so helpful when my computer just flashes an angry looking apple at me every time I try to turn it on. Hence, a couple months off-plan and not-so-fun, but not-SO-terrible weight gain. But! now we have a new computer (yay!) and my resolve to be a Trim Healthy Mama while pregnant was renewed at the beginning of this year. I have been following the THM way of eating fairly strictly (meaning minimal “cheats”) since the end of December of 2013.

trim healthy mama in pregnancy

For starters, I am 5’8, and I started my pregnancy at… (gulp, oh boy, here we go…) about 147lb. Ugh, because 145 feels dishonest and 150 sounds too high. We all know how the weight fluctuation goes. Well, during the first trimester I gained a quick 5-7 pounds in just a few weeks, that slowed down once I started applying the basic principles of THM to my diet. (i.e., separating carbs and fats for different meals, less white bread/sugar and more protein, etc…) During the second, well, having no book meant a great excuse to eat whatever I wanted and my weight gain stayed at a pretty consistent 1lb+ gain a week. Holidays came and went and while I made no major jumps on the scale, I felt tired and just generally lack-luster. (I was also terribly emotional, but that’s normal pregnant-Hannah.) I ended the year sitting at about 168.

Then… came January. 🙂 I decided to purchase a few “special” ingredients in the book: whey protein powder, pure stevia powder, Oolong tea, and glucomannan. Let’s just say, this month I’ve been sipping on frappuccinos, eating chocolate cake and bacon for breakfast (yes really), eating salmon and broccoli smothered in butter, and I recently even made homemade “Skinny Peanut Butter Cups.” We’ve enjoyed yummy bean soups (“E” and so cheeeaaapppp) twice this month, as well as hamburgers and creamed spinach. Oh, and cheesecake. Gah. I could go on. I love this food. I will also say that a couple of times I have had my beloved Chick-fil-a, a couple Dr Peppers, and soooo much yummy non-plan food during Rosie’s birthday party and Samuel’s baby shower weekend. And in one month, I have gained about 3 pounds. The scale currently says 171- about 4lb gain in 6 weeks. (HELLO HONESTY.) That is compared to the previous months when I probably gained 4-6lb per month. I have had so much energy, I have almost completely stopped drinking coffee out of “necessity” and occasionally have some as a treat (which is HUGE for me. HUGE. I’m a known coffee addict! Or, well, I was!). My attitude has improved and my husband has enjoyed (most) of what I’ve cooked for him. 🙂 Plus, I am feeding Samuel (and Rosie!) tons of healthy fats, protein, Omega-3’s, and folic acid.

The other night I crawled into bed and said, “Kip.. can I tell you something?” Which of course cued an alarm for him. Haha. “I really think I will be skinny after we have this baby!” This way of eating is totally doable- not only that, but enjoyable. If your “diet” is something you can’t enjoy practicing for the rest of your life, it won’t work. Period.

I’m thankful for the tons research Serene and Pearl did and for all the hard work they put into writing such an extensive book on women’s health!

I will do one more update pregnancy-wise for THM, and then, Lord-willing it will be time for breastfeeding and watching the scale move back down! 🙂 So, I guess you could call this Trim Healthy Mama review a work in progress. 😉

Two months left!


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