Trim Healthy Mama in Pregnancy

7649e2dd3e161e8af6e8c841c602461eI have to tell you something. I have been reading a magic wonder book of deliciousness. Really. This is my Trim Healthy Mama review. I have to be completely honest about this book- it. is. great. No sad salads here!

Y’all, I’ve always been all over the charts with how I eat. I’ve always swung from one extreme to the other- fast food all day, err day (“Drive-Thru Sue” as THM might call me), to attempting veganism, vegetarianism, and eventually Paleo because I just like meat too much. Also, let’s not even talk about the time my college  roommate and I did the Master Cleanse. So bad!

What I love about this book is how Serene and Pearl look at what Scripture says about food. In the world of nutrition you can have three different doctors telling you three different, totally contradicting opinions on what a healthy diet looks like. So frustrating! Who do we believe? For these co-authoring sisters, it came down to listening to what God has to say about the food he created for his people. This is an inclusive diet plan that encompasses all food groups and teaches us how to eat them wisely so our bodies can receive the most benefit from them. If you’re on the fence about this book, buy it. At about $35, it seems a bit steep, but there are tons and tons of recipes included. Totally worth it.

Another aspect of THM I’m enjoying? I don’t feel like I have to run to the store and buy 20 expensive items I may or may not use again. Often, when looking for healthy recipes, I will run out to the store to buy ingredients for that one recipe, only to find that is the only recipe I have that uses those ingredients. Can anyone else relate, or am I just uncreative? Anyways, these recipes are simple and budget friendly- two very important qualities in this household. While there are a couple natural sweeteners and flours I had never used prior to reading this book, the price is not unmanageable and I have many options to use each one. 

Now comes time for the real testimony. Friends, I’m going to invite you into the kitchen and onto the scales with me during this pregnancy. EEEEEP! Talk about accountability (read: pressure)! Some of my favorite and most encouraging bloggers are ones who have made themselves transparent about sometimes difficult issues, and weight is definitely one of those issues.

This will be an ongoing “series” of sorts, but I will start with this: my first several weeks of pregnancy (from like 6-10 weeks) involved a lot of emotional eating. Yeah, it happens. Somewhere in the middle of my first trimester I had gained probably 5-7 pounds rather quickly. Embarrassing. Like I said, it happens! Well, since reading Trim Healthy Mama and kinda-sorta putting half an effort into their principles, my weight gain has slowed and I’ve even dropped 1-2 pounds!  My goal here is not to lose weight, of course, but to stay in a healthy weight gain range for pregnancy and prepare my body for the “mawathon of wabor.”

Anyone else reading this book? You can Follow me on Pinterest for more recipe ideas! ❤



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